Client Testimonials

Fantastic and professional services for academic research editing. I have worked with Taryn on more than 10 research projects, and as her client, I cannot be happier! Highly recommend to my colleagues and research students.

Dr. Jun Wen, Lecturer, Edith Cowan University

We appreciate working with Taryn because of her diligent attention to detail and the confidence she gives us in always delivering to deadline. Whether working to our in-house copy style or going the extra mile to fact-check sources and citations, her work is always of the highest standard. Taryn’s editorial style and formation of informative prose suits our target audience very well: for educated readers with an interest in world affairs, her pitching of the text strikes a good balance, assuming the right amount of prior knowledge in the reader, and seeking to clarify the content beyond that point.

Editorial team, German think tank

I have been using Taryn’s academic editing service for several years, and I have always been impressed by the quality and speed of service. Scientists have to communicate their work in clear and correct English. For a non-native English speaker, this can sometimes become challenging. With Taryn’s editing service, I am always sure that my final edited writings read correctly, smoothly, and sound natural. Taryn has edited a wide range of different academic writings for me: research articles, grant proposals, and personal statements. Every single time I have been extremely happy with the final product and the fast turnaround time. 

Kaveh D., Researcher, Harvard University

Taryn represents every virtue we expect from a professional editor—she is exceptionally efficient, meticulous, and responsive, and works around the clock! Her understanding of academic writing in general, and our subject matter in particular, is truly helpful in polishing our manuscripts.

Robert L., Professor, Temple University

Taryn and I have been working together since 2012. Her response time and grasp of English are excellent. As a sociologist, the quality of writing is important to getting published. Taryn understands the tone of social science research and helps me express my thoughts more fluently. English isn’t my first language, so her insights are invaluable. I’ve gotten many articles and a book published thanks to her. She’s also a pleasure to work with and always agrees to help.

Erdem K., Professor, Turkey

Taryn does her job really well... not only for the quality of proofreading but also with high efficiency. She is patient and professional. I’ve asked her for help editing some of my assignments, and I always put things off until the last minute. But, with Taryn's help, I never miss my deadlines. I also recommend her service because she gives me back two versions of my documents (one with comments and another one that’s clean). I can easily tell where she made revisions. As an ESL student, she provides me a brilliant opportunity to review my mistakes and make improvements.

Ariel L., Ph.D. candidate, Concordia University, Canada

I have used Taryn’s academic editing service for my research proposal, and I am very satisfied with the quality and the reply speed. I am not a native English speaker, so sometimes I am not sure if my expression is accurate in English. Now Taryn can help me. I will always choose her when I need editing.

Fang W.,  Postdoctoral fellow, Jiangxi Normal University, China

Editing and working with writers is more than correcting punctuation and spelling errors. I have been working with Taryn since 2016. Her professional work and assistance with my manuscripts and writing have been a godsend. She knows the writing process and what makes sense to readers. I’m very fortunate to have found her and benefited from her skills and knowledge, and I will continue to do so.

Scott L., Author, North Carolina

I’ve used Taryn’s services for over 4 years. The editing is impeccable, and the advice for improvement on my papers is always welcomed. There has not been a time that I have been disappointed; there are only times when I’m overwhelmed by the great, prompt service provided. You can’t go wrong with these services. I highly recommend Taryn to anyone who needs writing, editing, or résumé help. My brother received help on his résumé and got the job he was interested in.

Cristina O., Graduate student, Sierra Nevada College

Taryn provides an exceptional service that is second to none. Her quality and value for the money is truly unbeatable. She has a fresh and unique style of writing that works for my audience, so she’s the perfect resource for all my writing needs.

Daniel L., Business owner, United Kingdom

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