Developmental Editing & Writing Consulting

Writing isn’t easy. It can be time consuming, exhausting, and often frustrating. I can help make writing more manageable (and hopefully even enjoyable!).

Developmental editing - For a fresh perspective on a project

Developmental editing provides a more hands-on approach to revision compared with language editing alone. I'll assess the global structure, logic, and clarity of your work to ensure its suitability for your intended audience.

Developmental editing can be especially helpful if you feel 'stuck' on a project and are struggling to move forward. We'll work together to help you see your material through a new lens and discuss enhancements that can move your project closer to where it needs to be.

This type of editing is unique to every project. In some cases, I'll use comments to identify potential content-related changes: organizational problems, holes in your argument, and areas that could benefit from expansion. In others, I'll identify big-picture, structural issues and shift content myself to give you a new look at your work.

Developmental editing is intensive. Given the necessary investment, I would encourage you to have a complimentary 30-minute phone consultation so I can learn more about the current status of your project, the degree of guidance you need, and where you’d like to be at the end of the project.

What's included

  • A full manuscript review to assess logic, organization, content, etc.
  • Guidance regarding audience and tone; structure; level of detail; and material to be added, omitted, or modified.
  • Constructive criticism via written comments and formative/summative feedback.
  • Email and voice support during business hours (Monday–Friday) throughout the editing process.
  • Guaranteed availability for additional editing services (if you wish) when your material is finalized.

Writing consulting - For 1:1 help with your writing process

Writing consulting is suitable for projects that are under development or in progress. Consultations will help to ensure that (a) your project is appropriate for its target audience and (b) your purpose and ideas are conveyed as intended.

Consultations also generally involve a holistic assessment of your writing to identify strengths and areas for improvement. 

We’ll collaborate to create a personalized toolkit that will make the writing process easier, improve your writing skills, and help you tackle writing-related issues in the future. You'll develop strategies to write more concisely, fluently, and effectively.

Before opting in to a consulting schedule, we can arrange a complimentary 30-minute phone consultation so I can learn more about you, your successes and struggles with writing up to this point, and your goals for the project.

What's included

  • 1:1 consultation (billed hourly) to help you plan, draft, and revise your project.
  • Review and critique of work in progress to assess audience, organization, content, etc.
  • Email and voice support during business hours (Monday–Friday) for quick questions, planning, exchanging drafts, and similar preparatory/process-related work between consultations.
  • Guaranteed availability for additional editing services (if you wish) when your draft is finalized.


Developmental editing is billed either by word or hourly. Language editing can be incorporated into the developmental editing process upon request.

Consulting is billed hourly.

Installment plans are available, and I am open to contract-based work. I encourage clients to schedule projects with me in advance when possible.

Please contact me to discuss your goals for your writing, and we can determine an arrangement to suit your needs and budget.

"She’s the perfect resource for all my writing needs."

Taryn provides an exceptional service that is second to none. Her quality and value for the money is truly unbeatable. She has a fresh and unique style of writing that works for my audience, so she’s the perfect resource for all my writing needs.

Daniel L., Business owner (United Kingdom)

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