Frequently Asked Questions

Here you'll find answers to some frequently asked questions about my writing services, developmental editing and consulting servicesand language editing services.

I do not subcontract any aspect of my work to other editorial professionals. All clients will work directly with me for the duration of each project.

A note on timing: Turnaround times vary by project length and need. Some of my services, namely language editing and application editing, are in especially high demand. I will revise your work as efficiently as possible without sacrificing quality; for instance, you can typically expect to receive an edited journal article within 7 days. My schedule often fills 2–3 weeks in advance. Clients are therefore encouraged to contact me to reserve space in my calendar. I realize that many tasks have deadlines, which I aim to accommodate whenever possible. Any project that requires me to work outside of my usual business hours is considered expedited and will incur a rush fee.

Writing & Research Services

What types of projects do you accept?

I am open to a variety of projects. My areas of expertise involve the social sciences, although I will consider writing- and research-based work in adjacent fields and other areas if I am comfortable with the content. Some of my recent projects have included features on human trafficking and global nursing education.

I do not provide writing or research services for students.

What does your workflow look like?

Once I have a sense of the project, I usually do the following: create a preliminary outline; conduct any necessary preparatory research; complete and record interviews via phone/Skype or in person (as required for the project); revise my initial outline; transcribe and pull quotes from interviews (if needed); and compose and edit a draft.

When the draft is complete, I'll send it to you (and any other individuals as requested) for review and feedback before finalizing the piece for publication.

Developmental Editing & Writing Consulting 

I'm working on a project but am starting to feel stuck. Would a developmental edit be useful?

Most likely, yes. Sometimes you become so immersed in a project that you can no longer look at it objectively. If you're struggling to see the forest for the trees, we can work together to focus on the 'big picture' and then address what needs to be accomplished to get your project moving again.

I've received feedback from reviewers and am trying to incorporate it into my draft. Can you help?

Absolutely. Whether you're working on an academic book or trying to reshape your dissertation for a different format or audience, I can review the comments you've received thus far and suggest how and where to integrate them in your work.

For whom is writing consulting intended?

You'll likely derive the most benefit from consultations if you have a project in mind so we can focus on a specific piece or style of writing. I highly recommend scheduling a complimentary phone consult to determine if consulting is right for you. That way, we can map out a plan based on your wants and needs.

What can I expect during our initial consultation? 

We’ll discuss your background, your thoughts on writing (what frustrates you, what you enjoy, what you wish you could do…), and exactly how and where you’d like to improve. This information will help me to map out our work together if you decide to proceed with a consulting arrangement. This consultation is non-binding; whether you choose to participate in consulting is up to you.

English Language Editing

Will my work, and our conversations, be kept confidential?

All documents and client communications are 100% confidential. Phone and video conferences are never recorded unless you request otherwise. Original and revised documents are kept in a password-protected archive and will not be shared, transmitted, or otherwise made available outside our direct communications. You’re welcome to provide portfolio samples, testimonials, or other material for publication on this site, but nothing will appear without your express permission.

Will you check for content accuracy as you edit?

My editing process focuses primarily on the quality of your writing and language. Although I will point out logical errors, inconsistent terminology, and so on, I may or may not be familiar with your content area. I don’t use fact-checking services or plagiarism checkers when revising; as such, I cannot be held accountable for work that is improperly cited or factually inaccurate. The integrity of your writing is your responsibility.

Do you use artificial intelligence (AI) tools to edit? 

No. I appreciate the benefits of AI in certain domains, but professional editing calls for professional training. Any material intended for academia or industry must be clear, eloquent, and precise. I believe that high-stakes content requires careful attention; AI cannot replicate the thoughtfulness that comes from hands-on revision. Your writing will always be reviewed with fresh (human) eyes and a personal touch. 

I do offer post-editing to correct machine-generated text. This revision process ensures that the written output is comparable to that created by a human.

Can you guarantee that my paper will be accepted by a journal/receive a particular grade? 

There are no guarantees in the highly competitive fields of academia and publishing, and I cannot ensure a specific result. The acceptance of a manuscript for publication, or the assignment of a grade, is the subjective decision of the publisher and/or reviewer. While I will certainly work to help you prepare the best manuscript possible given the submitted material, I have no way of judging the market or the whims of the publishing industry or academia.

I have some questions about your revisions. Can we talk? 

Of course. I believe the editing process should be interactive. When I send you a revised draft, I encourage you to ask questions and offer feedback. You’re also welcome to insert comments and questions directly into a draft; I’ll address them as comment replies throughout the document, and we can discuss any other concerns via email or phone as necessary. Above all, I want you to be 100% satisfied with my work.


How and when do I pay for editing, writing, or consulting services?

For developmental editing and language editing, payment is due when you sign our contract and submit your document. Writing/research and consulting services are billed hourly on a monthly basis or as specified in our contract.

I accept payments via bank transfer, check, and PayPal (including credit card payments).

I have grant funding and would like to use it to pay for editing. Is that possible?

Yes; I will likely need to register as a supplier/contractor with your university first. Your department admin generally has the necessary paperwork.

Do you have a question that's not answered here? Contact me and I'll be happy to help.

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