Frequently Asked Questions

Here you'll find answers to some frequently asked questions about my language editing services and writing coaching

English Language Editing

Will my work, and our conversations, be kept confidential?

All documents and client communications are 100% confidential. Phone and video conferences are never recorded unless you request otherwise. Original and revised documents are kept in a password-protected archive and will not be shared, transmitted, or otherwise made available outside our direct communications. You’re welcome to provide portfolio samples, testimonials, or other material for publication on this site, but nothing will appear without your express permission.

Will you check for content accuracy as you edit?

My editing process focuses primarily on the quality of your writing and language. Although I will point out logical errors, inconsistent terminology, and so on, I may or may not be familiar with your content area. I don’t use fact-checking services or plagiarism checkers when revising; as such, I cannot be held accountable for work that is improperly cited or factually inaccurate. The integrity of your writing is your responsibility.

What if I have questions about your revisions? 

I believe the editing process should be interactive. When I send you a revised draft, I encourage you to ask questions, offer feedback, and suggest places where I could revise further. You’re also welcome to insert comments and questions directly into a draft; I’ll address them as comment replies throughout the document, and we can discuss any other questions via email or phone as necessary. Above all, I want you to be 100% satisfied with my work.

Writing Coaching & Mentorships

For whom is a writing mentorship intended?

A writing mentorship is for you if you want to become a better writer but aren't sure where to start. You'll likely derive the most benefit from a mentorship if you have a particular project in mind so we can focus on a specific piece or style of writing. I highly recommend scheduling a complimentary consultation to determine if a mentorship is right for you. That way, we can map out a mentorship plan based on your unique wants and needs.

For a mentorship, what can I expect during our 30-minute consultation? Will I need to commit to a mentorship at that time?

We’ll discuss your background, your thoughts on your current writing ability (what frustrates you, what you enjoy, what you wish you could do…), and exactly how and where you’d like to improve. This information will help me to map out our work together if you decide to proceed with the mentorship. That way, you can make as much progress as time allows. The consultation call is non-binding; whether you choose to participate in the writing mentorship program is up to you.

Is it possible to extend the writing mentorship beyond 2 months?

If you would like to continue to receive 1:1 writing guidance after the completion of your mentorship program, we can work to create a customized arrangement to help you achieve your goals.

How and when do I pay for editing services, coaching, or a writing mentorship program?

For editing, payment is due when you sign the contract and submit your document. Coaching services are billed hourly on a weekly basis. For a writing mentorship, payment is due within 48 hours of signing the contract.

I prefer to process payments via PayPal because of its accessibility and ease of use for domestic and international clients. Let me know if you would like to pay via a method other than PayPal; I’m happy to accommodate you as best I can.

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