Content creation to engage your audience.

Developmental Editing & Writing Consulting

Structural editing to reframe projects and hourly consulting to equip you with the skills to write more effectively (includes guaranteed availability for comprehensive editing).

English Language Editing

Comprehensive editing of academic essays, manuscripts, and research.

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Grant & Job Application Editing

Comprehensive editing of research plans, candidate backgrounds, cover letters, and CVs/résumés.


Feel free to ask questions!

Friendly communication is central to my writing and editing practice. I’m here to support you and help you become a better writer with your own unique voice. Our work will be inherently collaborative: when I send you revisions, I hope you’ll ask questions and offer feedback when utilizing my copywritinglanguage editing, and developmental editing and writing consulting services. After all, your writing is ultimately yours! I encourage you to insert comments and questions directly into your document for me to address, and you’re welcome to contact me via email, phone, or Skype. I want you to be 100% satisfied with our work together.

Get the help that you need.

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"I am very satisfied with the quality and the reply speed."

I have used Taryn’s academic editing service for my research proposal, and I am very satisfied with the quality and the reply speed. I am not a native English speaker, so sometimes I am not sure if my expression is accurate in English. Now Taryn can help me. I will always choose her when I need editing.

Fang W., Postdoctoral fellow, Jiangxi Normal University, China

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