Selected Portfolio

Throughout my career, I've had the opportunity to work on a variety of projects. The following portfolio pieces are representative samples of my work.

Big Pharma R&D Proposal

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Pharmaceutical Research & Development Proposal

This is a sample from a healthcare policy memo suggesting ways to control drug prices in the pharmaceutical industry. This project required the author to maintain a formal tone and provide thorough details about pharmaceutical pricing mechanisms in various countries. The author requested an 18-hour turnaround. I completed a full revision and refined much of the author's wording to ensure conciseness without compromising clarity or comprehensiveness.

Brain Training (graduate school research paper)

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Brain Training

This is a sample from a research project in educational technology. This project had a required turnaround time of 12 hours. The author explored the effects of brain training on cognition. I focused on reorganizing and refining much of the content, including helping the author to eliminate repetition, incorporate empirical research, and adhere to APA formatting.

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Does Spatial Layout Matter to Theme Park Tourism Carrying Capacity?

This is an empirical research article accepted for publication in a top industry journal. Prior to submission, I was asked to condense the paper, complete a full line and language edit, and conduct a reference check to ensure the authors' writing met the high publication standards of their selected journal. I completed this project in 4 days.

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Exploring a Theme Park's Tourism Carrying Capacity: A Demand-Side Analysis

This is an empirical research article accepted for publication in a top industry journal. The authors received initial support for publication from the referees but were advised to seek professional editing prior to resubmission. I completed a substantive line and language edit of the manuscript within 24 hours, and the article was accepted for publication shortly thereafter.

Metacognitive Learning (annotated bibliography)

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Megacognitive Learning

This is a sample from an annotated bibliography. The author requested help with paraphrasing in addition to substantive editing. I also reviewed overall formatting for adherence to APA style. I returned this project within 24 hours.

Resource management for future mobile networks- Architecture and technologies

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Resource Management for Future Mobile Networks: Architecture and Technologies

This is an empirical research article accepted for publication in a top industry journal. The authors requested language editing prior to submission, which I completed within 24 hours. I also clarified some unclear technical language and reorganized sections of content to ensure logic and flow.

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Creating Global Music in Turkey

This is a book-length research project that began as a 65,000-word draft and was later reduced to roughly 150 printed pages. I completed a developmental edit in six weeks. I focused on using proper terminology, a consistent voice, and advanced grammar and syntax to appeal to a specialized audience (i.e., experts in sociology and ethnomusicology).

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