Audience is paramount in writing. I work with academic institutions and organizations to craft engaging, evergreen content in a tone that resonates with readers. Because I believe collaboration is essential to high-quality output, I communicate regularly with clients to develop articles that suit their needs and mission.

Clear, informed writing for academic audiences

I aim to provide concise pieces that speak directly to readers. I am open to writing in diverse academic disciplines and am most familiar with the social sciences. My writing style can be adapted to fit project parameters, although I generally maintain an inviting, natural tone with varied syntax.

For examples of my writing work, click here.

To ensure my planning and writing time are spent effectively, I discuss the following with clients when considering a writing project.

  • Project description and scope (What are we working on, and what do you need from me?)
  • Objectives (What is the purpose and goal of the piece?)
  • Audience, style, and tone (To whom are we speaking—and how?)
  • Constraints (e.g., word count/page limit)
  • Draft deadline (When should the initial draft be completed?)
  • Final deadline (When should the piece be finalized/When are we going to print?)
  • Budget (Do you have funding for a certain hourly rate/number of hours, or is your budget flexible?)

All projects include email and voice support Monday through Friday.


Writing services are billed hourly. Rates are negotiable depending on the client's scope of work, deadline, and budget. I am available for individual projects and long-term/contract arrangements.

Please contact me to discuss your needs.

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